SQL Server 2008 CTP6 = good times

I've been playing with the new CTP for a day and I really like what I'm seeing from this feature complete CTP.

The additional features around partitioning and data compression really caught my attention as they relate well to activities on my current client.  The storage team has an interesting post about a wizard driven partitioning feature in 2008.  I think this will help drive some customers to test the waters of partitioning.

The improved intellisense caught my eye as well.  I am using the client tools for day to day work on an existing SQL 2005 database without the first issue.  My experience was so good in fact, I had to send the guys in the manageability team some props yesterday.  The intellisense in SSMS is starting to feel more like Visual Studio, to which most of us (fairly or unfairly) will be comparing it.

I think the product team did a better job this time adding features that solve specific problems existing today.  While the CLR was an interesting add in 2005 I would have easily given it up for data compression or the MERGE statement.

So big props to the SQL Server product team as a whole.  They have made this geek very excited about the future.

Posted by: whitneyw
Posted on: 2/21/2008 at 11:40 PM
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